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Trash Collection, Recyling & Bulk Schedule

Download the 2024 Trash Collection, Recycling, Bulk Schedule


Recycle List

ACCEPTABLE ITEMS – Place only these items in your recyclable container.

  • Cans: Aluminum and tin. Rinsed.
  • Glass: Bottles and jars of all colors. NO lids.
  • Paper: Newspaper and other non-glossy paper. NO shredded paper.
  • Plastic: Water bottles and milk jugs (#1 and #2) Absolutely NO lids.
  • Cardboard: Non-waxed and non-contaminated with food. Remove tape and flatten.

NON-ACCEPTABLE ITEMS – Place in regular trash or dispose of as instructed on back of Trash Calendar.

  • Plastic bags or plastic wrapping.
  • Food or liquid waste, including containers with food residue.
  • Bottle/can lids, tops, caps.
  • Styrofoam containers of any type.
  • When in doubt, throw it out!!

New Tree Limb Pick Up Policy: Effeective 11/2/2023

New Tree Limb Pick-Up Policy (effective November 2, 2023):

TREE LIMB PICK-UP POLICY: Mannington Township will pick up tree limbs from residential properties within Mannington Township on the 3rd Monday of each month, subject to the following requirements:

  1. Requests for tree limb pick-up must be received by Mannington Township no less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the next scheduled pick-up date. Tree limb pick-up may be requested by calling (856) 935-2359, ext. 150.
  2. Requests for tree limb pick-up are limited to five (5) requests per calendar year per residential address.
  3. Tree limbs must be stacked or placed in one (1) single pile or row along the residential property’s public road frontage. No more than one (1) pile or row of tree limbs will be removed by the Township per scheduled pick-up.
  4. Stacks or rows of tree limbs must be placed on the residential property within three (3) feet from the edge of the paved public roadway surface for easy access by the Township’s personnel. The Township’s personnel may elect not to pick up tree limbs that are stacked or placed behind or beyond fences, ditches, or other barriers or obstacles. Tree limbs may not be placed on any paved public roadway surface.
  5. The cut ends of all tree limbs must face the public road.
  6. No tree limb may have a cut end that is larger than six (6) inches in diameter.
  7. The pile or row of tree limbs may be no more than four (4) feet high, and no more than twenty (20) feet in length along the public road.
  8. If tree limbs are stacked or placed in multiple piles or rows, or if a pile or row of tree limbs is improperly stacked, located, or aligned, or if a pile or row of tree limbs contains one or more tree limbs that exceed six (6) inches in diameter, the Township’s personnel may elect not to pick up any of the tree limbs.
  9. If a pile or row of tree limbs exceeds the aforesaid maximum 4’ H x 20’ L dimensions but is otherwise properly stacked and placed, the Township’s personnel may elect to pick up some but not all of the tree limbs.
  10. PILES/ROWS OF TREE LIMBS MUST CONTAIN NO STUMPS, VINES, THORNS, OR OTHER DEBRIS. If a pile or row of tree limbs contains stumps, vines, thorns, or other debris, the Township’s personnel may elect not to pick up any of the tree limbs or other materials in the pile.
  11. A request for tree limb pick-up, and the placement of stacks or rows of tree limbs at a residential property for pick-up, will constitute permission and authorization for the Township’s personnel to access the property to pick up the tree limbs, and to operate chippers and other machinery at and near the property in connection with the tree limb removal and disposal activities. The Township’s personnel are not required to rake, sweep, or otherwise remove any leaves, branches, stems, wood chips, sawdust, or other debris from the property or the public roadway, whether or not such materials result from the tree limb pick-up or disposal operations.
  12. Mannington Township’s tree limb pick-up service is provided only to assist residents with removal of tree limbs that have fallen due to storms or other natural occurrences, or that have been trimmed or pruned as part of an owner’s normal residential property maintenance. The Township does not remove downed trees. The Township does not pick up tree limbs from commercial, institutional, or industrial properties, or from farms or wooded properties without single-family residences. No tree limbs from out-of-Township properties may be placed for pick-up on properties within Mannington Township.