Urgent Message: Oil & Gas Prices To Increase 60% – Here’s What You Can Do

October 7, 2022

We need you to write to the Biden Administration – sample letter & White House Email link below.

Dear Salem County Chamber of Commerce Members and Area Residents,

I just learned in my weekly Chamber Alliance meeting, OPEC is reporting a current significant oil shortage. Prices are predicted to rise 60% as a result.

The National and State Chambers are lobbying the Biden Administration to increase US oil production. We are also asking our embers and community to write to President Biden calling on him to strengthen US energy production.

The more people voice their concerns, the better the impact. The Biden administration needs to hear from all of us!

Feel free to add to or modify the sample letter below. It may be sent to the following link:



“I am very concerned about the OPEC reported oil shortage and the predicted significant 60% increase in energy costs. This will be devastating to our residents and businesses and already fragile and suffering economy.

I am writing to urge you to strengthen US energy production to help avoid a further economic crisis.”

Thank you, in advance for your help.

Jennifer A. Jones

Jennifer A. Jones
Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer
Salem County Chamber of Commerce