Litter & Recycling Tips

April 14, 2021

Reduce, reuse and recycle materials whenever possible to create less waste, which could end up on our streets and contribute to stormwater pollution.

Pick up trash and litter on your property and put it in the trash. Always use a public trash can for trash in public areas. Recycle any reusable materials, especially cans,bottles and paper. NEVER throw litter and debris directly into storm drains. Such debris can wash into waterways and onto beaches, and clogged drains can cause street flooding and traffic congestion.

Always put your cigarette butts in ashtrays or solid garbage cans, not on the streets. Remember, our parks, playgrounds and beaches are not ashtrays. When an ashtray or garbage can are not available, store extinguished butts in your cigarette pack until you find a proper receptacle.

Empty automobile ashtrays into the trash, not out your car window or directly on the ground. Proper disposal will help keep our waterways clean and minimize the risk of fires.

Make sure to properly dispose of leftover household chemicals, paints and automotive fluids. These leftover chemicals should never be thrown away. Take them to a household hazardous waste collection center where they can be recycled. To find a center near you, visit