Farmland Forms

May 6, 2022

The Farmland forms are available on line. FA-1(Farmland Assessment form) FA-1 G.S. (Gross Income Supplemental form) WD-1
(Woodland form).

A copy of the farmland form and the supplement for 2023 is enclosed with this letter. If you fill in the form online remember to print out a complete copy for your records and mail or deliver a copy to my office. REMEMBER TO SIGN THE FORMS! They can be regular mail or dropped off at the municipal building. Email copies must be scanned in completely in one piece for each page. Do not take a photo of the form and try to send it in. There is a drop off box in the Assessors door to my office.

Small farms 12 acres or less must provide proof of income and a plot plan of their farming operation as part of their farmland application.
If there is an address error or ownership change, cross out the preprinted name or address and write in the correct one. Please provide your telephone number. Just in case, we need to be able to contact you. If you have an e-mail address, fill it in so I can contact you by e-mail or by telephone.

One copy of the Farmland Assessment form and Supplemental form must be back in my office on August 1, 2022. Double check your totals and acreages.

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