Estimated Tax Bills

July 14, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the State of New Jersey has moved its fiscal year to September 30 and has not been able to certify municipal budgets in time for an actual third quarter tax rate. As a result of the change, the Township of Mannington has issued estimated third quarter tax bills for payment due August 1 with a 10-day grace period extending through August 10, 2020. Any payments received after this date will be charged interest from the original due date of August 1. Pursuant to State law, postmarks are not accepted.

Any adjustments resulting from successful tax appeals will be included on the fourth quarter tax bill.

The final certified tax rate will be struck by the State later this year, and at that time a reconciled 2020/2021 tax bill will be mailed. The expected date of mailing is September 2020. Any balance or credit due will be detailed at that time on the reconciled bills.