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Mannington Township
Mannington Township


Mannington is derived from the Native American word Maneto. Mannington Township was first mentioned on May 12, 1721. It had previously been known as East Fenwick Township, which was mentioned on September 3, 1679, though the details of its incorporation are unknown. The township was incorporated by an act of the NeFieldw Jersey Legislature on February 21, 1798 as one of New Jersey’s original group of 104 townships.


Mannington Township covers over 38 square miles and is “the heart of Salem County”. The Salem River forms Mannington’s border with Carneys Point Township and Pilesgrove Township to the north, Alloway Township borders to the east, Quinton Township and Salem City to the South, and Pennsville Township to the west. The western portion, about 3 square miles of the township, forms the environmentally important area known as the Mannington Meadow. Most of Mannington’s land mass is actively involved in agricultural production.

Mannington Township has worked to save the agrarian nature of the township by fostering and partnering with various groups to preserve farmland. Almost 9000 acres about 40% of the agricultural acres are already preserved. Today’s population of about 1600 is less than Mannington’s population in 1850.

Mannington Mills, a major flooring manufacturer, has both its worldwide headquarters and a large manufacturing facility within the township. The Memorial Hospital of Salem County is also located in Mannington. Important educational facilities in Mannington include the Mannington Township School, Salem County Vocational Technical School, and the Salem County Special Services School. The Salem County Campus on the northern border holds the Salem County Emergency Operating Center, Salem County Jail, Ware Agricultural Center, and Salem County Fire Training Facility


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